123 HP Ink Tank 310 Printer AiO Support

123 HP Ink Tank 310 Printer Specs & Features:

The HP Ink Tank 310 is a multi-function Printer that allows to print high volumes of high-quality images and text. It comprises of reliable, spill-free ink system. Easily print large amount of documents using this printer. It is embedded with 60 sheet input tray. Easily print up to 8000 pages on this printer as it comprises high-capacity ink tank. It is designed with 7 segment, Icon LCD display. It is ideal for Home & Small Office. This printer provides vibrant graphics as well as crisper and darker text to the printed documents. Also, it prints borderless and fade resistant photos and printouts that last longer. The transparent ink tank in this printer allows you to keep a note on the ink levels in your printer and also allows to refill as and when required. You can refill the ink tank whenever required as this printer comes with resealable ink bottles. These ink bottles ensures a No-waste and Mess-free refilling system.

123 HP Ink Tank 310 Printer

123 HP Ink Tank 310 Printer Control Panel(CP) Features

The control panel display indicates number of copies and printhead printing status. It also denotes media errors and printhead problems. The printer control panel features Cancel button, Resume button, Resume light, Color Copy button, Black copy button, Power button, and Printhead alert light. This printhead alert light indicates printhead problems.

How to Connect your Printer to the Computer using USB Cable?

123 HP Ink Tank 310 Printer Connection with Computer using USB Cable.
Printer Connection Steps are Following:

  • First, prepare for the printer setup to establish the USB connection between your printer and computer. Ensure the basic requirements are met and remove the previous installed printer versions if present on your Windows computer.
  • Switch on your computer, router, and printer. Check out if you can find any USB cable connected from your printer to the computer. If any USB cable is connected, disconnect it and connect it back only when you are prompted.
  • Go to the Windows in your computer and search for Devices. In the results page, choose the Devices and Printers control panel setting.
  • Right-click your printer model icon and select the Remove option. The printer icon gets deleted. If you find multiple existing icons for your printer, remove them all.
  • After removing the existing icons, close the Devices and Printers window.
  • Click on the provided driver download link and type the printer model. Choose the desired one from the available list of drivers.
  • The HP Easy Start might download based on the printer model. Double-click the downloaded file to start the installation. A list of on-screen prompts displays when the installations starts.
  • Follow the on-screen prompts and choose the mode of connection as USB when prompted during the installation. Proceed with the remaining prompts and complete the driver installation setup.
  • The USB connection is established between your printer and computer. Call us at the Toll-Free number if you need any assistance on USB printer setup.

How to Install HP Ink Tank 310 Printer Driver Using CD/DVD

  • To install the printer driver using CD or DVD, turn on your computer and disconnect the USB cable from the printer and computer.
  • Unless you are prompted to connect the USB cable, do not connect it to your printer and computer.
  • Take the printer CD from the box and insert it into the CD drive of your computer. It will prompt to begin the installation wizard process.
  • After the installation wizard process begins, a list of instructions appear on the screen. Follow the instructions as they are guided to complete the process. During the installation, if it prompts to connect the USB cable, connect it from the printer to the computer.
  • When the USB cable is connected, it will automatically recognize the printer. Follow the on-screen prompts on the wizard and finish the driver installation process.
  • After the driver is installed on your device, easily operate the printer as you need. If there is any issue while installing the printer driver on your computer, contact our technical support team.
  • Also, download and install the latest printer driver from this website. Tap the provided link and get the printer driver installed on your device.

123 HP Ink Tank 310 Printer Troubleshooting Support

The issues that occur most commonly on your printer are USB Scanner connection error (Windows), blinking lights and E errors, an incompatible or ink cartridges missing error, and printer is offline in both Windows and Mac. When these issues occur on your printer, easily resolve them using the simple solutions included in the printer manual. The manual will be given along with your printer. If the printer manual is not available, get it downloaded on your device from this website. The manual available in this website is an updated version and includes all the solutions for technical issues. If any of the issues on your printer are unresolvable, call the tech support number available on this website to troubleshoot the problem.

How to Find Printer Connection to the Computer?

  • If you need to check if your printer is connected to computer, first find out whether your printer supports wired or wireless connection.
  • If it supports wired connection, then check whether the computer is connected to the printer using an USB cable. If the USB cable is connected from the printer to the computer, check whether the USB cable is proper.
  • If your printer supports wireless connection, then ensure both the printer and the computer are connected through the same network. If both the device’s network are same, then it indicates the printer and computer are connected to each other.
  • If they both are connected on different networks then it means they are not connected to each other.
  • Another way to check if your printer is connected to the computer is, go to the printer settings in the computer and check if the printer is online. If it displays online or offline, then it denotes the printer is connected to your computer.
  • For any help, contact our technical team through the Toll-Free number.

How to Fix printer not working Issus?

  • First, press the power button on your printer and check if it is turning on or not.
  • If it turns on, then assign some print job to it. If the printer does not switch on, then unplug all the connected cables to the printer and reconnect them back after few seconds. Again try to turn it on.
  • After the printer is turned on, check if it prints the documents. If it is turned on but not getting operated normally, then use the manual instructions to make it work properly.
  • Also, check the printer’s settings in the computer for printer status, whether it is offline or online.
  • If the printer’s status indicates offline, then follow the troubleshooting instructions in the manual to resolve the issue.
  • If any assistance is required, call the Toll-Free number provided on this page. Our experts will provide you best support.