HP Envy 7640 Fax Troubleshooting

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HP Envy 7640 Fax troubleshooting

HP Envy 7640 – Lines or Bands in Faxes, Copies or Scans

If you make a scan, copy or fax and find that the printed output has color bands or vertical lines,

Step 1 : Confirming that the issue is not printing-related

  • The steps outlined below resolve color band and lines when copying, scanning or faxing only.
  • If bands or lines occur when printing, then do not proceed as per the instructions given below.
  • If bands or lines are found when copying, scanning or faxing, then proceed as per the steps given below.

Step 2 : Cleaning the external scanner components

  • Smudges, debris, dust or fingerprints under the scanner lid, on the scanner glass or in the document feeding slot may cause color bands and lines. These components should be cleaned with soft cloth sprayed with glass cleaner.

Step 3 : Resetting the printer

Resetting the printer may result in forcing some types of scanners to calibrate which might solve the issue.

  • Clear any items from the ADF and scanner glass and close the lid of the scanner.
  • While the printer is switched on, the printer cord should be disconnected from the printer and from power strip or wall outlet.
  • Please wait for at least 15 seconds
  • The power cord should be plugged back into the wall outlet
  • The power cord should be reconnected to the printer
  • Now check the output again by scanning, copying or faxing. If the problem recurs, then proceed to the next step

Step 4 : Servicing the printer

  • Service or replace the printer if you followed all the steps given above. Alternatively, you can speak to our expert technical support to resolve the issue for you.

Envy 7640 – Print Photos from a Memory Card

You can print without a PC with 123 HP Envy 7640. Proceed as per the below instructions to find out how.

  • The memory card should be inserted into the memory card slot
  • Under the Home screen, tap on Photo to see the Photo menu
  • Under the Photo menu, tap on View & Print to display photos
  • Tap on a photo that you would like to print.
  • Tap on the up or down arrow to choose the number of photos that you would like to print.
  • Tap on Edit to choose options to edit the photos that have been selected. You will be able to crop, rotate a photo or turn Photo Fix off or on
  • Tap on Done and check the photo by doing a preview. If you would like to adjust paper type, layout, date stamp or red eye removal, then tap on Settings and then tap your selection. You will also be able to save any new settings as default settings.
  • Touch on Print to begin printing.