How to Install HP Envy 5055 Printer?

Installing the printer driver is necessary to acquire all the features of the printer. The driver can be installed either from the installation disk or the manufacturer’s website. The driver comprises the recent software to facilitate improved features. Below We Provide the Easy Guidance for How to Install HP Envy 5055 Printer

Quick Steps for Unboxing

  • Unbox the HP printer and remove the packaging.
  • Place the installation disk into the “CD drive” of your computer.
  • “Run” the driver file and follow the prompts.
  • In case the CD is incompatible, go to the manufacturer’s site.
  • Download the latest printer driver from the website.
  • “Go to” the Downloads folder on your computer.
  • Click the .exe file for Windows OS and .dmg file for Mac OS.
  • Choose the software you want to install and then tap Next.
How to Install HP Envy 5055

Detailed Guidance for How to Install HP Envy 5055 Printer

  • Ensure the printer’s hardware setup is complete. Remove the connected USB or Ethernet wires from the printer. Install the CD into the computer’s CD drive and run the setup files.
  • Follow the instructions displayed on the screen. In case the CD is incompatible, click the download link. For Mac OS, the driver file is in .dmg extension, and for Windows OS, the driver file is in .exe extension.
  • Comply with the prompts displayed on the screen and set your preferences like language, country/region, date, etc. Connect your printer and computer to each other depending on the connection type.
  • Go with the prompts displayed on the installer and click Next after each instruction. You can use HP Printer Assistant that is a printer management software which is installed with your Windows HP print driver.
  • Download the HP Printer Assistant from the manufacturer’s site. Power on your printer. In case your printer is connected to your computer with a USB cord, unplug the cord from your printer. If needed, the tool will ask you to connect the cable.
  • Open the manufacturer’s website. If a page displays prompting to get started, tap Printer, enter your printer model, and click Submit. In case you want to change the OS, tap Change, choose your version and then select Change.
  • Under the Driver option, click Download. During the installation process, choose Typical or Recommended when prompted.
  • Get a print of a self-test report to check if the printer is installed properly. Open the Devices and Printers option from the control panel of the printer, right-click the printer’s name, and click Properties.
  • Open Print Test page. In case the printer prints the page, it is installed properly.
  • Still you have any queries contact our technical Experts.
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