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123 HP Envy Photo 7134 Features

  1. Using the HP Envy Photo 7134 printer, you can experience outstanding print quality in your home.
  2. You can Print, Copy, and Scan your document from a smartphone or tablet.
  3. Save your paper using the automatic duplex printing feature. Get high quality borderless printing.
  4. Reliable wireless connectivity and fast setup with dual band Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Setup.
  5. The supporting mobile printing feature: HP ePrint, Apple AirPrint, Mopria Print Service, and Wireless Direct Printing.
  6. The printer’s input tray capacity is up to 125 sheets and the output tray capacity is up to 25 sheets.
  7. HP Auto-off technology helps you to save the printer energy without compromising the printer performance.
  8. The printer’s print speed for black is up to 14 ppm and for color is up to 9ppm.
  9. The printer is compatible with both Windows and Mac operating system.
  10. Use the HP Envy 7134 printer to get stunning photographs with accurate color.
  11. Print your document from any place at any time using the mobile printing feature.

How to Replace HP Envy 7134 Ink Cartridge?

It is impossible to use the printer without an ink cartridge. An ink is necessary for the printer to print both documents and photos. When do you replace the ink cartridge? During the estimation process, if you find that the existing cartridge is empty or faulty, you need to replace it with a new one. If you identify that the cartridge is low, need not replace it. Wait until the cartridge to become empty and then replace it. Without any printing delays, try to replace the cartridge as soon as possible. Are you looking for an ink cartridge replacement guides? Here are the steps which might help you to replace an existing cartridge with a new one.

Steps for Ink Cartridge Replacement:

  • Use an authenticated ink cartridge to print your documents or photos.
  • Tap the power button to power on the printer. Lift the scanner lid.
  • Unlock the ink cartridge access door. Pause until the carriage is stable and noiseless before you start.
  • To release the cartridge from the slot, raise the lid on the cartridge slot and then push the lid back until it stops.
  • Pull the cartridge upward to remove it from the slot. Take off a new cartridge from its package material.
  • Remove the plastic tape and stickers from the cartridge. Lock the lid on the cartridge slot.
  • Place the color ink cartridge in the slot on the left side. Position the black ink cartridge in the slot on the right side.
  • Reiterate the procedures to insert the other cartridge, if required.

  • Lock the cartridge access door. Close the Scanner lid. Make use of the instructions on the control panel to initiate the cartridge alignment.
  • The HP Envy Photo 7134 printer aligns the cartridges and prints an alignment page.
  • In case the printer does not print an alignment page, navigate to the next step.
  • From the control panel of your printer, click the Settings icon, select Tools and then choose the Align Printer option.
  • Try to print a test document or photo using your printer to verify its performance.
  • If the document prints with the expected quality, you can proceed to print the desired print job.
  • If you find that the document is not as expected, reiterate the process.
  • To get more information, contact our technical experts on the toll-free number.

123 HP Envy Photo 7134 Pritner Functions

How to Print?

Use the Printer to print a document from a Windows or Mac computer and alter any related print job settings if required. Use the guides which are given below to print your documents.

  • Edit the document to alter text font and size, choose the layout option to change any other appearance settings.
  • From the application you have created the document in, select File and then tap Print to access general print settings.
  • To view more layout, quality and advanced print settings, choose Printer Properties or Preferences.
  • Based on the print job, change the layout and paper settings for the print job.
  • To get best print quality, you can alter the required print quality and color settings.
  • Tap Ok and then click on the Print option. For any queries, contact our technical support team on the toll-free number.

How to Scan?

To scan your document or images from your Windows or Mac computer, you need to install the full feature driver and software on your computer where you have saved the documents for scanning.

  • Use either a Wired or Wireless network connection to connect the printer and computer.
  • On the scanner glass or in the Automatic Document Feeder, place a document or photo.
  • Do not use Automatic Document Feeder to scan your photos. It damages the photos and the printer.
  • Find your printer model from Windows and then choose your printer’s name from the results.
  • Tap Scan a Document or Photo to access HP Scan. Based on the file type and resulting action, choose shortcut.
  • From the right pane, modify any of the available settings if required and then choose Scan.

How to Copy?

With the Photo Printer, produce copies of printed documents and photos. Go through the guides which are given below to copy your document or photo easily.

  • Place a document in the Automatic Document Feeder or on the scanner glass.
  • Alter copy settings such as a paper size, paper type, and lightness or darkness level. Once you’re done, you can copy the document.
  • From the printer’s control panel, click on the Copy option. Choose Document or ID card.
  • Choose the required number of copies and then click on the Copy option.
  • Before copying, click the Settings icon and then change the desired advanced copy settings.
  • Click Black and then choose Black or Color to initiate the copy job.

How to Print on Webpage with HP Envy 7134 Printer?

To print your document with Google Cloud Print, you need to first setup your printer with Google Cloud Print from a computer or mobile device. Use the guides which are given below to print an email or webpage from the computer or Chromebook.

Step 1: From your computer or Chromebook, access the chrome browser and then log in to your Google account, if required.

Step 2: Access the email or webpage that you want to print. Tap the Chrome menu icon.

Step 3: Choose Print from the drop-down menu. The Print window gets displayed.

Step 4: From the Print window under Destination, choose the Change button.

Step 5: From the Select a destination window, choose your printer’s name.

Step 6: Modify any print settings from the Print window and then click on the Print option.

How to Print Envy Photo 7134 Printer

Print excellent better looking photographs using the HP Envy Photo 7134 printer. Use the correct paper type and an appropriate print job settings to obtain best print quality. You can obtain borderless photos with accurate color.

Step 1: Access the print window and document properties to configure the print job.

Step 2: To improve colors, brightness, and other appearance settings, you can edit the photo prior to printing.

Step 3: Right-click the photo you would like to print, choose Open with and then tap Windows Photo Viewer or Paint.

Step 4: Choose Print or tap File and then click on the Print option. You can view the Print or Print Picture window with general print job settings.

Step 5: Access more layout, quality, color and other advanced print settings by opening the printer Document Properties window.

Step 6: After changing the required print settings, select Ok and then choose Print.

123 HP Envy 7134 Wireless Printer Setup

Connect the printer and computer over a wireless network and print your document or photo from wherever you are. Are you looking for the wireless printer setup? Use the procedures which are given below to make a wireless connection easily.

  • Gather the required wireless network name and password to link the printer and computer to a wireless network connection.
  • Ensure that the router, printer, and computer are powered on. Connect the printer and computer to the same wireless network connection.
  • Switch on the printer and position it close to the computer and within the range of the wireless router during the setup process.
  • Unplug a USB or Ethernet cable from the printer. Link the printer to your network with the Wireless Setup Wizard option.
  • The HP installer can identify the printer during the installation process.
  • From the printer’s control panel, open the Dashboard and then click the Wireless icon.
  • Click the Setup icon and then select Network Setup. Choose Wireless Settings and then tap Wireless Setup Wizard.
  • Choose the network from the list of available networks and then select Ok.
  • In the event that the list does not display your network name, click Enter New Network Name and then use the on-screen guides to index your network name.
  • If urged, index the WEP or WPA key and then click on the Done option. Now, you can view a summary screen.
  • Choose Ok to move back to the home screen. To get the latest driver and software for the printer, go to our website.
  • Tap on the Software Download option. After downloading the driver, install it based on the steps displayed on the screen.
  • During the installation process, choose the connection type as Wireless.
  • After completing the installation successfully, try to print a sample document or photo.
  • For any queries, contact our technical experts on the toll-free number.