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With the HP Envy 4516, you can copy, print or scan easily and quickly with the high resolution 2.2 inch monochrome display 123.hp.com/envy4516 . The intuitive controls on the touch screen will help you access all the features without any hassle.Conserve resources and save paper with your hp Envy 4516. Reduce paper usage up to 50% by using the duplex printing feature. Duplex mode gives you double sided prints at high speeds

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HP Envy 4512 Setup Services

Printer Driver

For the 123 HP Envy Photo printer, a basic printer driver is necessary for its proper functioning. For easy access to the printers, 123 HP Printer Support offers updated drivers for all printer models on our website. Download the drivers according to the printer model and then access the HP Envy 4512 Setup.

Printer Manual

Use the user manual on our website for 123 HP Envy Photo 4512 printer.It can be downloaded easily for all the users. In case of any issues or doubts regarding the basic installation, printing settings, installation new ink cartridge. Etc, refer to this user manual.

123.hp.com/envy4516 – Mobile Printing Setup

HP Envy 4516 AirPrint Setup

Configure AirPrint for an iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch

  • Step 1 : Connect the HP Envy 4516 printer and your apple device to the same wireless network
  • Step 2 : Download and install apple airprint app from the apple store
  • Step 3 : Open the document you want to print and click share
  • 123-hp-envy-4516-airprint-setup

  • Step 4 : You will have to enter your network name or SSID and security password key. The password might be displayed as WPA or WEP key
  • Step 5 : From the airprint app of your apple device, go to hp printer option and search for your network name
  • Step 6 : Select your network from the list of available options and touch print to print the document.

The HP ENVY 4516 is a well designed multi-function hp printer. It has all prevalent features like print, scan and copy. It uses HP thermal inkjet and has its printing speed up to 28 ppm. It offers a wide variety of features such as duplex printing and borderless printing. It incorporates a flatbed scanner with an optical scan resolution of 1200*1200 dpi with an automatic document feed.

HP Envy 4516 ePrint Setup

Setting Up and Using HP ePrint

HP eprint denotes a mobile application and it is a cloud based service which can print from your Smartphone or PCs when they are connected to the wireless network. Here are some of the simple procedures to use this feature, 123.hp.com/envy4516

  • Step 1 : Disconnect the USB cable from your HP Envy 4516 printer and make sure your computer has an active internet connection
  • Step 2 : Turn on web services and you should keep your firmware often updated to use HP eprint
  • Step 3 : Get the email address of the hp printer and register your HP Envy 4516 printer at the HP eprint centre by making use of the email address assigned to your hp printer
  • Step 4 : Install the eprint app to your Smartphone or tablet which supports both android and ios platforms
  • 123-hp-envy-4516-eprint-setup

  • Step 5 : Select HP eprint from the home screen of your HP Envy 4516 printer
  • Step 6 : Open the HP eprint app from your smart phone or any other mobile device
  • Step 7 : To print an email, tap Email on your mobile device.Type your email address and password and select the email that you want to print and tap print

Note: If you face any issues then get instant HP Printer support for installation & setup also download the latest drivers & software. Visit http://123.hp.com/envy4516 or Toll Free : 1-866-293-9220.

HP Envy 4516 Ink Cartridge Installation:

The 123.hp.com/envy4516 Printer is shipped along with a black and a tri-color ink cartridge. The ink cartridges have to be installed carefully for quality printing.

Steps for Ink Cartridge Installation

  • Step 1 : Remove the ink cartridge from its packing. Hold it with your fingers on its side, not touching the black plastic on it.
  • Step 2 : Pull and open the ink cartridge access door, by lifting until it locates into its place.
  • Step 3 : Remain until the ink cartridge carrier on the hp printer sits idle
  • Step 4 : Remove the plastic tapes around the cartridges using the pull tabs.
  • hp-envy-4516-ink-cartridge

  • Step 5 : Lift up the lid on the ink cartridge slot. Press the ink cartridge by its sides and press it forward until it snaps.
  • Step 6 : Repeat the above steps to install the other ink cartridge. Then close the ink cartridge access door. More 123.hp.com/envy4516.

How to Print Documents & photos?

Steps for Print Documents & Photos from 123.hp.com/envy4516 Printer:

  • Step 1 : Ensure that the paper is loaded into the paper tray
  • Step 2 : To print a document, click print from the file menu
  • hp-envy-4516-printing

  • Step 3 : Click the button that opens the properties dialog box
  • Note: The button may be called properties, printer setup, printer properties, options, printer or preferences which is based on the type of the software

  • Step 4 : Select the orientation (portrait or landscape) on the layout tab
  • Step 5 : Select the appropriate paper type in the tray selection area and print quality in the quality settings area
  • Step 6 : To select the paper size, click advanced from the paper size drop down list
  • hp-envy-4516-printer

    In case of photos, click the color options disclosure triangle and choose the appropriate photo fix options

  • Step 7 : Select any other print settings you want and then click print.
  • In order to print calendars, quick lists, games, music paper, graph paper use quick forms.

    Touch quick form, select the type of form and then click print http://123.hp.com/envy4516


Note: If you face any issues then get instant HP Printer support for installation & setup also download the latest drivers & software. Visit http://123.hp.com/envy4516 or Toll Free : 1-866-293-9220.