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HP Envy 6255 Printer Review

HP Envy 6255 Printer wirelessly prints the photos, hereby you can end the photos right to the printer with just a couple of swipes. The best features of the machine are HP ePrint, HP Auto Wireless Connect, automatic paper sensor, wireless direct printing, Mopria certified and HP Auto-On/Auto-Off Technology. It can print a monthly volume of 300-400 pages that is apt for a home office. With HP’s thermal Inkjet technology high-quality prints up to 4800 x 1200 dpi are delivered. It is easy to use and is one of the best multi-function printers (print, scan, copy and fax). HP’s ink replacement system is an added advantage. You don’t have to experience a delay in printing, as the printer sends a message to the supply store when the ink is about to get drained and immediately new cartridges will be supplied. In order to deliver high print quality, cartridges using an HP original chip can only be used. Non-HP chip cartridges will not work its way with Envy 6255. It supports automatic duplexing and has a 125-sheet main input tray. The monochrome graphics operation panel provides crystal clear control over the printer’s settings. Overall, 6255 printer is worth buying. 6255 Driver & Manual Download

When you buy an HP printer, you often get an Installation CD and the user manual. The Installation CD contains all the drivers and software that is required to run your 6255 printer. This software is often updated and you can download the latest driver so that your product is up to date. When HP updates the original files, it creates a new piece of software called an update. These updates can fix the files that are already installed on your computer. Updates might also enhance the performance of your product, sometimes even new few features are added. If there are multiple updates, HP bundles them together and releases a new version of the software and driver. The new version contains the latest updates, fixes and performance enhancements for your printer.

  • Use a USB cable and connect your 6255 printer to your computer. As soon as the connection is set up the driver download will start automatically. If the download doesn’t start, insert the Installation CD into the drive.
  • Run the setup file and follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation process. The driver and manual can also be downloaded from our website. Enter your product name and download the respective manual.
  • The download and installation steps of the driver can be referred from the manual. Click the download option on the driver download page and the setup file will be downloaded. Double-click and run the setup file.
  • Follow the on-screen 6255 instructions and select the type of installation that you want. You can choose between Easy installation and Custom installation. Once the installation is complete, you will be prompted to restart the computer.
  • The installation process will be complete when the system is restarted. Open the HP software that is installed and adjust the preferred language, the region of operation and the Settings if required.

Common issues in a HP Envy 6255 Printer

Printing is fun when everything goes the way you want, but when the product does not perform, then starts the frustration. Nothing is worse than our time getting wasted. You try to print and your printer takes forever to print a single document, then its time for you perform the basic troubleshooting or service the printer. You want to print huge piles of a document and your printer gets jammed because of overload, is one common issue found in most printers. You are all set to print and your system displays a message that you are not connected to your printer, then it definitely is a connectivity issue. Your 6255 printer is working perfectly but the final product has smudges or poor image quality, then look out for the cartridge that is used. HP always prefers to use genuine HP cartridges for your printer. You will want to print but your printer often goes to sleep mode, then adjust the idle settings (increase the time of inactivity) according to your preference. The user manual can be referred for troubleshooting any issue, as most printer problems will be addressed in the manual. You have tried all possible solutions but the issue still persists, then service your printer.

How to Fix Envy 6255 Printing Issues?

There are several printing issues that we come across each day and everything is so unique, so is their troubleshooting. You may print a load of documents and the print quality may differ is some files. If you face this quality issue, then stop the print job and clean the printhead assembly. If the printer stops mid-print, then check the power supply as there might be electrical interruptions, make sure than the USB cable is properly connected and if you are using a wireless connection, make sure that your 6255 printer and computer are still connected. You can also download and the HP Scan Doctor tool. This tool helps in fixing most of the issues dealt with printing.

How to Fix Envy 6255 Copy Issues?

When you copy the original and the duplicate that is printed has a light print(partial page), then make sure that the cartridge is not low on ink level. If Specks appear on the page while printing, then print more pages and see if the problem is automatically rectified. If not clean the inside of the MFP and also check if the print cartridge is leaking. If there are dropouts, then make sure the specifications of MFP are met. The type and quality of the paper should meet HP specification. If the copied page has lines then run a cleaning page to clean the fuser and replace the ink cartridge. Replace the mylar strip and clean the scanner glass. If there still a line in the same place, then copy using a white sheet of paper.

How to Fix Envy 6255 Scanning Issues?

When the scanned image output has a gray background, then try to scan using the Background removal feature. After scanning a document you find that the image is repeated, there are mis-formed characters or vertical white lines, then check if the MFP is due for maintenance. If the scanner doesn’t scan the a page, then reset the printer settings and restart your 6255 printer. Check if the power supply is continuous. Download the HP Scan Doctor tool and install the same on your system. Double-click and open the tool. Click Fix Scanning and the tool will run. View the displayed results. If there is a white check mark, then the printer has passed the test. If there is a white wrench, then the printer found an issue and fixed it. If there is a yellow exclamation point, then the test failed.