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123.hp.com/deskjet3733, is the smallest all-in-one printer that fits and looks good virtually anywhere. It provides compact printing power and wireless independence, that lets you print, scan, and copy from virtually any mobile device. It is developed with a sleek design and a variety of head-turning hues and embedded with advanced features.

It lets you to wirelessly print, scan, and copy, whatever documents you need quickly and easily within seconds. It can print 2.5x as many pages with optional Original HP high-yield ink cartridges. Also, you can easily recycle your original HP cartridges, without any extra charge, through HP planet partners. The HP Deskjet 3733 provides you the easiest way to print photos, documents, and more from your Android, Apple, and Windows devices. It lets you connect your tablet or smartphone directly to your printer, and easily print on wireless. You can easily scan any object with the HP all-in-one printer remote mobile app for your tablet or smartphone. HP scroll scan lets you quickly handle most scan jobs or use your mobile phone to scan and send to print any object. It supports manual duplexing and can print color, black & white, and photos at the same cost.



STEP 1: Turn on the 123.hp.com/deskjet3733 printer and check if any USB cable is connected to the computer. If it is connected, then disconnect the printer USB cable from the computer.

STEP 2: Now, search Windows for ‘devices’, and then select the “Devices and Printers” control panel setting.

STEP 3: when devices and printers window gets opened, right-click your printer model icon and select “remove device”, and close the window.

STEP 4: Go to our website and type your printer model. Based on your printer model “HP Easy Start” gets downloaded and follow the instructions to finish the setup.

STEP 5: If not, visit our website and type your printer model. If prompted, then confirm the operating system version is correct.

STEP 6: Under Driver-Product Installation Software, select “Download” next to the full feature driver. Then follow the displayed instructions on the screen to use the guided “HP Download and Install Assistant” or select “Download only” to save and run the driver file from your computer.

STEP 7: When prompted, choose a printer connection option as “USB” and complete the setup.


STEP 1: Turn on the printer and remove the printers USB cable from the computer.

STEP 2: Visit our website and enter your printer model and select “begin”. Based on your printer model, the guided driver installation app “HP Easy Start” downloads.

STEP 3: If HP Easy Start downloads, follow the displayed instructions on the screen to setup and install your printer and complete the setup.

STEP 4: If Easy Start fails, go to our website and type the printer model name. If it prompts to confirm your operating system, then confirm the operating system version is correct.

STEP 5: Under Driver-Product Installation Software, select “Download”. Then open the HP Easy Start file or the HP .dmg file in the Downloads folder.

STEP 6: If it prompts to select the printer connection type, then select “USB”. When the “Install” screen displays, select “HP Scan” or “HP Easy Scan”.

STEP 7: Select the name of your printer, choose the “Use” or “Print Using” menu, click the name of your printer in the pop-up menu, and then choose “Add”. Return to the HP installer to finish the installation.



STEP 1: First load the short edge of the paper into the paper tray. Adjust the paper width guides.

STEP 2: Before printing makes the required changes. Then, right-click and select Open with -> Windows Photo Viewer or Paint.

STEP 3: Select “print” or select “file” and then click print. Click “Options…” in the Print Pictures window in Windows Photo Viewer, then select “Printer Properties…” in the Print Settings window.

STEP 4: Now, in the Print window in Paint, choose the “Preferences” option and in the Document Properties window, find and use print job settings for photos.

STEP 5: Finally click “ok” and then select “print”.


STEP 1: If you have not installed the software and driver yet, visit our website, type your 123.hp.com/deskjet3733 printer model number, and then choose the “Download” option next to the full feature driver under “Driver-Product Installation Software”.

STEP 2: Follow the instructions as guided, to connect the printer, and then when prompted to choose software to install, click the recommended option that includes HP Scan.

STEP 3: Based on your printer type and features, insert the document or photo on the scanner glass, in the document feeder slot, or in the automatic document feeder (ADF).

STEP 4: Search Windows for ‘HP’, choose your printer model name in the results to open “HP Printer Assistant”, and then choose “Scan a Document or Photo” to open “HP Scan”.

STEP 5: Change any of the available settings in the right pane if necessary, and then click “Scan”.


STEP 1: Turn on the 123.hp.com/deskjet3733 printer, and then make sure paper is inserted in the input tray.

STEP 2: Insert a single document or a single photo into the scanner with print side up, and with the edge of the paper straight and flush against the paper guide on the right side of the scanner.

STEP 3: To avoid poor print quality and paper jams, do not load originals that are too thick or stiff to bend into the scanner.

STEP 4: When the document is inserted into the scanner, the printer pulls it partially into the scanner, and the scan light brightens. If the scanner fails to pull in and hold the original document, remove the document, and then load it into the scanner again.

STEP 5: Press the “Start Copy Black” or “Start Copy Color” button on the printer control panel. Press the button multiple times to increase the number of copies. Copying starts 2 seconds after pressing the button.

123.hp.com/deskjet3733 INK CARTRIDGE ERRORS

The printer stops printing and displays an error message like “Incompatible Cartridges” or “Cartridges Missing”. In that case, try to check the following,

(i) Ensure the ink cartridges are compatible because an ink cartridge error displays if the wrong ink cartridge is installed.

(ii) The printer might display an error even if the ink cartridges are not installed correctly. In that case, remove the ink cartridges from the printer, check them for any plastic tape, reinstall the ink cartridges back to the 123.hp.com/deskjet3733 printer, and then try to print again.

(iii) If the ink cartridge contacts are dirty, the printer might display an ink cartridge error. Unplug any cables or cords and remove the ink cartridges. Then clean the electrical contacts on the ink cartridges and print carriage.

(iv) Cleaning the ink cartridge contacts again can solve the problem.

(v) Sometimes, restarting the printer can find a solution to an ink cartridge error.

(vi) Try to replace the ink cartridges indicated by the blinking Ink Level icon on the printer control panel. If you have a defective printhead or cartridge, it might be under warranty so check the warranty on your toner or ink supplies, and then review the limited warranty information for your supplies.

(vii) To get the best print quality, choose your operating system to align the ink cartridges. To align the ink cartridges in Windows use HP Printer Assistant. If you don’t have the HP Printer Assistant software, go to our website to find and download your printer software.

(viii) To align the ink cartridges in OS X, use HP utility.

If none of the above resolved the issue, then as a final step try to service the printer. Try to replace or service your product if you completed all preceding steps.