123 HP Officejet Pro 9010 Setup

Get the Full 123.hp.com/ojpro9010 Printer Setup Guide

About HP Officejet Pro 9010 setup

The setup process needs to be done for initializing the basic settings and carrying out several operations of the HP Officejet Pro 9010 printer. The setup instructions are similar for all printers. Refer to the procedures that are given on this site for setting up the 123.hp.com/ojpro9010 printer. If you do not perform the setup process correctly, it can result in an issue with the Officejet Pro 9010 printer.

How to Setup HP Officejet Pro 9010 Printer?

  1. Make sure that the appropriate seal is stuck on top of the 123.hp.com/ojpro9010 printer box.
  2. Break the seal to open the shipment and check if all the contents are delivered correctly.
  3. Now take all the contents out of the box and set them aside.
  4. Take the HP Officejet Pro 9010 printer out of the package and keep it on a flat surface.
  5. Ascertain there are no damages to the Hewlett Packard printer.
  6. Obtain the power connection by plugging the electrical cable to the rear of the Officejet Pro 9010 printer.
  7. Connect the other end of the electrical cord to an outlet.
  8. Long press the Officejet Pro 9010 printer’s Power button to switch on the device.
  9. Users can set their preferences on the printer’s operation panel.
  10. Load papers into the main input tray and install the cartridges, and then wait for your HP Printer to print an alignment page.

How to Download HP Officejet Pro 9010 Driver & Manual?

  • Driver Download: Get the updated version of your printer driver for free from this site.
  • Ensure that there is enough storage on your computer before starting the download process.
  • Make sure to update all the driver files that are available on your Personal Computer.
  • Confirm whether all the software files are updated on the system.
  • Depending on the speed of your Wi-Fi network, the download time changes.
  • Now tap the Driver Download option on this site. Make sure not to power Off the Windows or Mac device when the download is in process.
  • After the download completes, double-tap on that particular setup file to install the driver.
  • Manual Download: A technical document that has complete details about the functions that can be done by using the HP Officejet 9010 printer is called the manual.
  • To get the PDF copy of the user guide, click on the Manual Download button that is available on this web page.
  • Once the download completes, select the downloaded file to view the manual of your 123.hp.com/ojpro9010 printer.

How to Install HP Officejet Pro 9010 Driver Software?

  • Make use of the software installation CD provided with the 123.hp.com/ojpro9010 printer in the carton.
  • Confirm that the Compact Disk is compatible with the operating system launched on your computer.
  • If your system does not have a CD drive, you can copy the files from the disk into a USB flash drive.
  • Insert either the USB or CD into their particular drive and wait until all the setup files get displayed on the screen.
  • Now double-tap on the driver file to begin the installation.
  • Tap the Continue button on the Let’s Get Started dialog box.
  • Study the points mentioned on the Installation Agreements and Settings window and accept the same by ticking the checkbox.
  • Launch the driver by following the on-screen steps and choose Finish.

HP Officejet Pro 9010 Wireless Setup Guidance

  • Before you begin the wireless setup procedure, get the name of your Service Set Identifier and also its security passcode.
  • Make sure to connect your Windows or Mac system to the right network.
  • Power On the Officejet Pro 9010 printer, PC, and the network router.
  • Confirm that the printer is kept within the range of the wireless router.
  • Go to the control panel of the Officejet 9010 printer and open the Dashboard.
  • Tap the Setup icon and choose the Network Setup button, and then select Settings.
  • Touch the Wireless Settings option and press Wireless Setup Wizard.
  • The 123.hp.com/ojpro9010 printer searches for the wireless networks that are available.
  • Now from the list, select the name of your network. If your SSID name is not available, touch the Enter New Network Name.
  • Type your SSID name and its password. Choose the OK button to end the wireless setup.

How to Connect HP Officejet Pro 9010 Wireless?

  • Make use of the HP Smart application to connect the Officejet Pro 9010 printer to the wireless network from a Windows, Mac, Apple, or Android device.
  • Ensure that the computer, laptop or mobile phone is connected to the appropriate network to which you want to link the Officejet Pro 9010 printer.
  • Now go to the manufacturer’s website by opening any browser on your PC and then download the HP Smart app.
  • Once the application is installed, open it. Read the agreements and accept the same by marking the checkbox.
  • Choose the Plus sign and select Add Printer, and then click the Set Up & Add a New Printer option.
How to Connect HP OJPRO 9010 Wireless
  • Now proceed with the guidelines that appear on the screen to link the 123.hp.com/ojp9010 printer to the wireless network.
  • After you have completed the network connection, perform the functions of the Officejet Pro 9010 printer.

123.hp.com/ojpro9010 Printer Ink Cartridge Guidance

How to Refill Ink on HP OJPRO 9010 Printer?

  • Buy the ink refill kit from a trusted seller or an authorized store.
  • Get the following components: refill kit, syringe, tapes, and paper towel.
  • Take the empty cartridge out of the HP Officejet 9010 printer.
  • Wear a pair of gloves on both hands. Place the ink cartridge on the paper towel or tissue.
  • Now locate the fill holes; it will be present on top of the cartridge.
  • Make use of a sharp pin to expand the fill holes. Now eject ink from the ink bottle using a syringe.
  • Insert the syringe into the fill and make sure you do not overfill the ink into the cartridge.
  • Once you are done with the refilling process, seal the hole and then reinstall the cartridge into its appropriate slot. Lower the ink cartridge access door.

How to Replace HP OJPRO 9010 Cartridge?

  • The ink cartridge replacement procedures must be carried out when the black or tri-colored cartridge runs out of ink.
  • Users can view the ink levels on the printer’s front panel or computer.
  • Buy genuine HP ink cartridges. Now turn On the 123.hp.com/ojpro9010 printer and then lift the cartridge access door.
  • The carriage gets to the center of the HP Printer. Push the empty cartridge and pull it to remove it from the slot.
  • Now take the new cartridge out of the packaging cover.
  • Hold the new cartridge so that the contacts on it face the Officejet Pro 9010 printer.
  • Place the cartridge into the proper slot and push until it fixes into place.
  • Ensure that the letters present on the cartridge and slot match each other. Lower the ink cartridge access door to close it.

123.hp.com/ojpro9010 Printer Functions Easy Guidance

How to Print on 123 HP Officejet Pro 9010 Printer?

Keep the correct paper in the main input tray. Insert the black and tri-colored cartridges into the appropriate slots.

  • Windows: Hit the Start button and choose the Control Panel option.
  • Click the Printers & Faxes button and tap the HP Officejet Pro 9010 printer.
  • Select Printing Preferences and choose the Finishing menu, and then select Print On Both Sides.
  • Click the OK button and then choose Print. After the printing operation is done, remove the printed documents from the output tray, and insert them into the main paper tray.
  • Now get the other sides of your printed document by clicking the Continue option.
  • Mac: Open the text or image and select the File button, and then choose the Print option. Click the Show Details button if required.
  • Find the Two-sided button on the Print pop-up window.
  • If the Two-sided option is present, it shows that the Officejet Pro 9010 printer features automatic duplexing.
  • Tap Short Edge Binding or Long Edge Binding by marking the checkbox.
  • Select Print and wait until the Officejet Pro 9010 printer completes the printing job.
  • How to Print on HP OJPRO 9010 Printer

    How to Scan on HP Officejet pro 9010 Printer

  • Ascertain to download the full feature software package on your Personal Computer.
  • Open the scanner lid and load the document or photo on the scanner glass of the Officejet Pro 9010 printer. Lower the scanner lid.
  • Windows: Search for HP on your Windows system and then choose your Officejet Pro 9010 printer.
  • The HP Printer Assistant software appears on the screen. Click the Scan option and tap Scan a Document or Photo.
  • Modify the scan settings and after your 123.hp.com/ojpro9010 printer finishes scanning, click the Save icon.
  • Mac: Search for open the HP Easy Scan application on the Mac system.
  • Select the HP Officejet Pro 9010 printer in the Scanner drop-down list box.
  • Tap the type of scan job in the Presets dialog box and then choose the Scan button.
  • A thumbnail version of the scanned document appears in the left panel; select it.
  • Specify the scan settings by clicking the Edit button. Choose Send and select Folder, and then edit the document name in the Prefix area. Tap the appropriate folder by tapping Where and then choose Save.
  • How to Copy on HP Officejet Pro 9010 Printer?

    • Load enough sheets of white paper in the main input tray.
    • Place the item facing down on the scanner glass.
    • Make sure to lower the scanner lid.
    • Keep the file according to the width guides until the 123.hp.com/ojpro9010 printer indicates that it is detected.
    • Ensure that thick originals are not loaded as it may affect the quality of printing.
    • Tap either the Start Copy Color or Start Copy Black button.
    • If you want to include the number of copies, then press the Start Copy Black or Color button multiple times.
    • After the button is pressed for the final time, the Officejet Pro 9010 printer starts the copy task.

    How to Fax on HP Officejet Pro 9010 Printer?

    • Almost all HP printers that support the fax feature, need to be connected to a landline phone.
    • If you do not have a telephone cable, get the one that has two wire leads and not four.
    • Plug the 1-LINE jack at the rear of the 123.hp.com/ojpro9010 printer.
    • Insert the phone cable into the phone wall jack.
    • Attach one end of the 2-EXT jack at the Officejet Pro 9010 printer’s back if you have an answering machine.
    • To your answering machine, plug the other end of the 2-EXT jack.
    • Now utilize the fax tools for setting up the preferences.
    • Navigate to the Fax Setup dialog box on the printer’s touch panel.
    • All your details such as name, phone number are available in the fax header.
    • Select the Fax Test Report or Run Fax Test button to verify if the setup is done and a page gets printed by the Officejet Pro 9010 printer.

    Easy Guide for HP Officejet Pro 9010 ePrint Setup

    • Open the Devices and Printers pop-up window on the PC and then double-tap on your Officejet Pro 9010 printer.
    • Now from the list, double-click on the HP ePrintCenter button.
    • A Welcome dialog box will open prompting you to type the sign in credentials.
    • Choose Sign In and get a new account by selecting the Sign In link present on top of the PC screen.
    • To obtain the code of the 123.hp.com/ojpro9010 printer, choose How do I find the printer code?
    • Enter the Officejet Pro 9010 printer’s code on the desktop and if required, access more settings by hitting the Next option.

    Easy Guide for HP Officejet Pro 9010 Airprint Setup

    • Turn On the HP Officejet Pro 9010 printer.
    • Load a sufficient quantity of unused papers and install the cartridges.
    • Link the Apple phone and the Officejet Pro 9010 printer to a proper wireless network.
    • Open the app which has the item to be printed on your Apple device.
    • Select the Share button and touch the Print option. Hit Select Printer and then choose the Officejet Pro 9010 printer.
    • Mention the number of copies that need to be printed. Initiate the printing job by selecting the Print button present on the upper right corner of the window.

      123.hp.com/ojpro9010 Printer Troubleshooting Guidance

      The procedures that are performed to rectify the errors that have occurred in the Officejet Pro 9020 printer is referred to as troubleshooting.

      How to fix Blank Page Print Issue?

      1. Take the black and colored cartridges out of their slots and reinstall it.
      2. Ensure that the cartridges are installed on the Hewlett Packard printer.
      3. Make sure that the tri-colored and black cartridges have sufficient ink.
      4. The Officejet Pro 9010 printer printing blank pages can happen if the inappropriate paper size and type are inserted in the main input tray.
      5. Reload the correct type of paper and check if the blank pages problem has been resolved.
      6. hp officejet pro 9010 wont scan
      7. Power cycle the Officejet Pro 9010 printer and the Windows or Mac computer for rectifying the scanning issue.
      8. Turn Off your 123.hp.com/ojpro9010 printer and make sure that the electrical cable is inserted into an outlet directly.
      9. Do not use a surge protector or strip for establishing a power connection.
      10. Close all the apps that are running on your computer.
      11. Now turn On both the computer and the Officejet Pro 9010 printer, and then do a scan task.

      How to Resolve Wifi not Connecting Issue?

      1. Try resetting the wireless router, Windows or Mac PC, and the HP Officejet Pro 9010 printer.
      2. Confirm that the printer software is installed on the Mac or Windows system.
      3. Make sure that no software is running on the desktop. If so, turn Off the same.
      4. Disable the VPN or Virtual Private Connection for a short while.
      5. Ensure that the 123.hp.com/ojpro9010 printer and the system are linked to the same network.