About HP Printer

HP Printers are majorly manufactured when compared to the other brands and also, they have unique printer models for all type of customers. Not only in normal document and image printing, HP has its footprint in 3D printing as well. Over the years, HP has captured the printer market with its quality ink and toner cartridges production.

If you are a home user, you have HP Envy and Deskjet printers. If you are a home office user, you have Officejet. Similarly, for businesses, based on its type and size, HP has introduced Officejet Pro and Laser printers. You also have Sprocket printers to carry and print comfortably from your mobile.

Though the cost of ink is slightly on the higher end in some of the HP printers, it speaks for its quality output that convinces the user to say a go-ahead to buy these printers. The printer comes at an affordable price and an amazing structure and looks that fit on any of your office desks.


Top Solutions to Common Printing Issues:

Here you go with the gunshot Solutions that help you resolve any kind of basic or common printing issues.

  1. If your issue is related to print or scan, without a second thought, you can run the HP Print and Scan Doctor tool. This tool diagnoses and rectifies the printing and scanning issue with your printer automatically. Mac users have the HP Support Center tool to figure out and fix the printing and scanning issues with their printer.

  2. Next, the issue that tops in the printer is the Paper Jam. Before you try troubleshooting the paper jam issue, you should know what causes the issue so that you can prevent before it occurs.

  3. Do not use damaged, wrinkled or moist papers for printing. Even dirty paper rollers can cause paper a jam. Clean your printer often and maintain it properly.

  4. Sometimes not closing the access door of the printer can also lead to paper a jam. If the tray is overloaded, paper jam tends to happen.

  5. Do not let the ink cartridges clog as it may create a print quality issue. Another error that commonly occurs in laser a printer is 50.4 error. It is called the Fuser 50.4 error for which the solution would be replacing the fuser. But the point to be noted is, if a paper jam once occurs in your printer, it may lead to several issues.

HP Printer Wireless troubleshooting:

There are two scenarios under which you experience wireless connectivity issues with your HP printer. Will see one of them here below.

Your printer was connected to the network and working previously and now it is not:

  1. Try the basic step of rebooting your printer and the computer and check if the printer gets connected to the desired wireless network.

  2. If your printer is connected to the network but not printing, then obtain a network configuration report. In this report, check if the Connectivity area is indicated as PASS under the results.

  3. If not, then you need to check the router’s functionality. Disconnect the printer from the network and reconfigure the wireless network connection.

  4. If the above doesn’t help, then Windows users can try running the HP Print and Scan Doctor tool and Mac users can click the wireless icon in the top right of the menu bar to see if the network is connected.

  5. Try to remember if you have updated or changed any software on your computer that is blocking the communication between the printer and computer.

  6. Check if you have changed the network name recently and that is not letting your printer get connected to the wireless network.

  7. Also, verify if your computer’s IP address has been changed recently and if so update the appropriate IP address in by removing the existing one and adding it again.

Print jobs stuck in a queue:

Generally, a print job gets stuck in the print queue because the printer spooler does not respond at the time of executing the print. This issue can be rectified by performing a few simple tasks:

  1. Delete the job files that are in the print queue and then restart your computer and the printer.

  2. Once you restart your devices by plugging out the power connections, the print jobs in the queue will be lost and you will have to do a reprint.

  3. Go to Windows Services by searching the option from the Search button and click Services in the list of results.

  4. Press Windows key and R, key in services.MSc in the window that opens and clicks OK. Find the name of your printer spooler from the list displayed.

  5. Right-click on the Print Spooler option and choose Stop and later close the service window.

  6. Delete all files in the Spooler folder, turn off your computer and then turn it on; try to print files and check if the issue is resolved.

  7. Or else, you can run the HP Print and Scan doctor tool for the printer to rectify this issue automatically.

  8. Try uninstalling the printer driver and reinstall it and then check if the issue is resolved and you are able to print with this printer.

Resolving ‘Problem with Printhead,’ ‘Printer Failure,’ ‘Ink System Failure,’ or a ‘0x…’ or a ‘C2…’ Error:

These errors occur due to a faulty printhead. Few printers come with a removable printhead and few are non-removable.

The solution for rectifying such errors is the same despite any error type because the name of the error differs based on the model of the ink cartridges provided.

  1. Always use the ink cartridges produced by the manufacturer, because it avoids the issue that occurs due to the ink cartridge or printhead.

  2. Do a complete reset to your printer. Disconnect all connections such as cable, power cord etc between the printer and the computer and reconnect it after allowing the printer to be idle for some time.

  3. Take off the ink cartridges from their slot and ensure that there is no debris or dust formed on its nozzles. Reinsert them into the slot after few minutes. Do not keep the cartridge outside for a long time as it may clog.

  4. Do not forget to clean the electrical contacts of the ink cartridge. Check if your printer has any pending update to be completed. If so, update the firmware of the printer.

  5. If none of the above steps work, service the printer for free with the manufacturer if it is covered under warranty. If not, call a printer technician for performing the same.

HP Instant Ink:

HP Instant Ink is a program exclusively provided by HP to their customers. It is a special feature to ensure that the customers never run out of low ink in their printer, once they register in the HP Instant Ink program.

Let’s see few common questions that are asked by the customers about this program:

A) Can you tell me the requirements to get enrolled in HP Instant Ink?

To get registered in HP Instant Ink, you need a printer that is eligible for this program which is connected to the Internet.

A valid credit or debit card to pay at the time of billing the ink cartridges.

B) How to check if my printer is eligible for enrolling in HP Instant Ink?

You need to go to the HP website and search for HP Instant Ink. You will find a bunch of printer names or models mentioned on the page. If your printer model is displayed, then you can register in it, else it is not applicable.

C) What is the benefit of enrolling in HP Instant Ink?

You will receive the ink cartridges at your doorstep if your printer is on low ink that too for a lesser cost because of the feasible plans introduced by HP in this Instant Ink program.


Some diagnostic tools help you to fix common printing and scanning problems in Windows and also helps to maintain your HP printer.


HP Print and Scan Doctor is a free tool provided by HP to diagnose and resolve scanning and printing related problems. To quickly and automatically perform several troubleshooting tasks, you need to download and run the HP Print and Scan Doctor. To resolve different types of printing and scanning problems, the HP Print and Scan Doctor will be very effective, as it provides the automatic solutions and instructions to the problem.This tool comes with its own instructions and is easy to use.


HP Support Assistant is a software that is designed to help you troubleshoot and maintain an HP printer or computer. To open HP Support Assistant, search Windows for HP, and then tap “HP Support Assistant” from the list of search results. Add your printer to the list of your devices, once the HP support assistant installed and opened. Then to access many helpful troubleshooting tools, click the picture of your printer.


Open HP Toolbox for the printer software and search Windows for HP. Select the name of your printer or HP Solution Center. Now, based on the printer model, select the available setting and use it.


The printer driver uses a guided installer to set up your printer for a Wi-Fi or wired network connection. The “Printer not found during network driver setup” error might display if the installer does not detect the printer after selecting the connection type. Do as per the steps are given below to troubleshoot the error.
Step 1: To resolve any error states present during the printer setup, restart the computer, printer, and router.
Step 2: Check whether your network is working properly. Also, confirm that the printer is ready for the network setup.
Step 3: Try to manually connect the printer to your network, so that the HP installer can find the printer.
Step 4: Run the HP print and scan doctor tool to find the exact reason that is causing the error.
Step 5: Try to temporarily disable or uninstall firewall software on your computer, after running the HP Print and Scan Doctor tool.
Step 6: Uninstall the driver and software and then reinstall the latest or recent version software and check if the error is cleared.


The wireless printer setup for windows is described in step by step procedure. Do as per the steps are given below for wireless printer setup.
STEP 1: You should collect the information related to the network password or WEP key and network name or SSID (Service Set Identifier).
STEP 2: Collect the information regarding whether the computer is connected to your wireless network and confirm that the computer and router are switched on.
STEP 3: Check whether the computer is connected to the same wireless network to which you must connect the printer.
STEP 4: Place the printer close to the computer and within range of the router, after turning on the printer during the setup process.
STEP 5: Remove if any USB or Ethernet cables are connected from the printer. Using “Wireless Setup Wizard” connect the printer to your network.
STEP 6: For that, first select the “Wireless” icon on the printer control panel and at once the “Wireless” screen pops up.
STEP 7: Tap the “Settings” icon and tap the “Wireless Setup Wizard” option, then follow the instructions displayed on the control panel.
STEP 8: On completing all the instructions the printer is connected to the wireless network. You should now download the software and driver.


When you try to install the latest driver and software for a wireless network, an error message like “Unsuccessful Network Installation” appears. Try the below-given steps to overcome the error.
Step 1: Try to restart the computer, printer, and router to solve any connectivity related error conditions. If the error is not cleared, move to next step.
Step 2: If the print driver and setup did not complete also may result in incorrect software installation, which may, in turn, lead to this error.
Step 3: So, remove the printer driver and software using the uninstall a programming tool in Windows Programs and Features, as it may clear the error.
Step 4: Try to repair system files. To repair damaged or corrupt system files, use the Microsoft System File Checker (SFC) utility. Check if the error is cleared.
Step 5: If not, use Microsoft Fixit solution to clear the error. Also, download and run HP Print and Scan Doctor to troubleshoot scanning, printing, and connection issues.
Step 6: After running HP Print and Scan Doctor free tool and clearing all the displayed errors, check if the ‘Unsuccessfull network installation’ error is cleared.


When you attempt to print, it displays an error message as “printer is offline” and the printer stops to print. This offline error message indicates that the printer is unable to communicate with the computer. In some cases, the printer might go offline unexpectedly. Do as per the instructions are given below to overcome the “printer offline” error.
Step 1: Use HP print and scan doctor tool to find the exact or actual problem which is creating the error to occur while printing.
Step 2: The default print driver would have been altered from the driver you installed to some other driver, such as a Web Services for Devices (WSD) driver.
Step 3: So you need to confirm the printer is not set for offline use, by changing the default print driver to your originally installed driver.
Step 4: Now, try to print and if the offline error persists still, then try to reset the printer and check the connection status.
Step 5: The printer remains offline, even if the driver is using the wrong communication port. So, ensure that the correct port is selected.
Step 6: Update the printer firmware and also create a manual connection. Add a printer port to Windows that matches this new IP address.
Step 7: Remove or erase the printer devices, and then again install the device back using the HP printing software and see if the issue is solved.


The wireless printer setup for Mac is described in simple step by step procedure. First, connect the printer to the wireless network and then download the suitable software and driver for the printer. Do as per steps are elaborated below accordingly, to quickly setup the printer on Wireless for Mac.

Step 1: You have to gather or collect the details of network password and network name. Then turn on the printer and setup the printer on wireless.
Step 2: After ensuring or confirming that the printer and the computer are connected to the same wireless network, remove if any USB or ethernet cable connected.
Step 3: Then touch or tap the “Wireless” icon to setup the printer on the wireless network with or using the “Wireless Setup Wizard”.
Step 4: The “Wireless Summary” screen displays or pops up. Here you must tap the “Settings” button and touch “Wireless Settings” and click “Wireless Setup Wizard”.
Step 5: Now a list of instructions are displayed on the screen, do as per the instructions to connect the printer to a wireless network
Step 6: After connecting the printer to a wireless network, now a set of instructions appear on the screen. Follow them accordingly to install the software.


Based on the printer model, you can connect the printer either through wired, wireless or USB, depending on its compatibility.


Before making a wireless setup for your printer, you need to first setup the printer on the wireless network and then need to gather all the details regarding the network name and network password and also the regarding the computer network connection. So use the Wireless setup wizard to setup the printer on the wireless network. Finally, you have to install the driver and software to complete the wireless setup.


By installing the HP print driver on a Windows PC, set up a network-connected printer with an Ethernet cable. Make sure you have a functioning network router and an Ethernet cable, before installing the driver. Then connect the printer to the network and then install the software.


For USB printer setup, first, prepare for the printer setup by checking all the basic requirements. Then install the printer driver to complete the USB printer setup.

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